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 Setting up a Tournament

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PostSubject: Setting up a Tournament   Sun Aug 29, 2010 3:23 am

Follow these steps after your tournament has been allowed. Your tournament CAN be offline, but you probably won't get that many players at first, if any.
  1. Create a topic, we suggest a name that goes "-Game- Tournament (-Username-) #-#- Set-Up". This topic will be for ideas and suggestions of the rules of the tournament. Of course, you have to make the rules on the topic, you can't just let other people decide everything for you, you have to have the basic rules, like no hacking or something. Post in the OP what kind of matches are they gonna be in the tournament, what is and isn't allowed, etc. Be sure to take suggestions! If there is a rule a lot of people are disagreeing with or any sort of problem like that, a poll should be made to decide.

  2. The date of the tournament is really important, try to ask which day is better for everyone and try to avoid non-weekends. Saturdays work best, so try to look for a Saturday in the month that fits everyone best. Try also to adjust the hour to everyone's preferences, specifically, not too early nor late, to have some time to add something if you forgot it.

  3. After everything mentioned in the past numbers has been decided, create yet, another topic, with the name "-Game- Tournament (-Username-) #-#- Registering/Accepting". In here everything in the OP is final, so make sure to post the rules, the day and hour (please mention which time) the tournament takes place and when will you stop taking users. Also, be sure to add and state that if a user doesn't know if he is going to play the tournament or not, he can still join. Its better to delete someone than to add and find someone. You can advertise the tournament outside your forums, the only thing is they need to post here to be added to the tournament. About one week before the tournament starts, lock this thread or post in bold that you won't admit any more users and start making the brackets. You can also post that if you reach your maximum number of players if you have one, but we recommend to wait until about the mentioned time to lock it.

  4. Remember about 3 to 5 days before the tournament to pm or just warn the tournament is about to start, you don't want people forgetting. You can also pm a mod to post in your topic to bump it up and advice people.

  5. When the tournament day arrives, you also have to arrive early, specifically about 2 hours or more. Now, create your current last tournament topic "-Game- Tournament (-Username-) #-#- TODAY IS THE DAY, READ PRETTY PLEASE!". All caps intended for attention. For the last time, post the rules, what people should do when they know who they fight against, etc. Also post your final brackets here. Now you can wait fo people to post in there for the results, and you update the brackets (you can update them after each round is done, but be sure to have them ready). You can alternatly yet, make another topic named "-Game- Tournament (-Username-) #-#- Post your results." so people post their results, instead of that thread. Be sure to link to it.

  6. After the tournament is over, post who are the winners and if there are any prizes, let them have it. If we want to handle any prize, we will or tell you before hand. Post the top 3, 4 or 5 (the last 2 are the recommendable ones).

With that, good luck setting up your tournament, and we hope it finishes well.


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Setting up a Tournament
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