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 THQ President Wants New Games to Be Cheaper

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PostSubject: THQ President Wants New Games to Be Cheaper   Fri Nov 12, 2010 3:27 pm

By Chris Pereira, 11/12/2010, "There's probably not a single gamer out there who's been pleased with the incremental price hikes we've seen with each subsequent generation of games. It doesn't feel like that long ago that we were paying $50 or $40 for brand-new, big-name games. Gamers aren't the only ones who would like to see new game prices go back to those prices -- THQ president Brian Farrell has suggested that a decrease in the price of new games, down from the current $59.99 price point, could be very beneficial for game developers and publishers."

Gosh I would love to see game prices go down, I think the real reason that they are the price they are is not only for profit, but to make up for the profit lost to piracy. However, if there were cheaper games maybe there would be less stealing? Something to think about huh? Any thoughts guys?

Article here!

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THQ President Wants New Games to Be Cheaper
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