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 TSG Kingdom Hearts Marathon

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PostSubject: TSG Kingdom Hearts Marathon   Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:06 pm

TheSpeedGamers will be running a Kingdom Hearts game marathon later this week.
The upcoming Kingdom Hearts Marathon starts December 17th at 6:00PM Central and will run for 3 days (72 Hours). They will be playing through a lot of the Kingdom Hearts games while raising money for the Best Friends Animal Society (

TheSpeedGamers have been streaming video game marathons for over a year to raise money for various charities. In total they have raised over $240,000 dollars and played 20 marathons. They have raised over $57,000 in their week long Mario Marathon, and have made multiple news appearances. This upcoming marathon will be for Best Friends Animal Society. This charity aims to lower the amount of animals killed in shelters per year, and they accomplish this by providing a home for animals as well as maintaining a network for which people can adopt animals easily.

During the marathon they will have multiple contests to win various prizes. Some are contributed by TheSpeedGamers' gracious community members.

You could see the marathon over at

I happen to know there's a few kingdom hearts fans on the forum, and I expect you to be there! Wink

(Not a word Jaco.)
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TSG Kingdom Hearts Marathon
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