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 A lesson about 'Debating'

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PostSubject: A lesson about 'Debating'   Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:18 pm

First things first, if you don't want to debate, don't come here. It's as simple as that.

You should also note that this is the Debate forum, so if you got a big event like, maybe 'Michael Jackson's Death' that, lets say, happened early, unless you want a big debate, you'll post that outside of this, if you DO want to debate and make some huge deal, then go ahead and post it here. There can always be two topics too.

"Now here are some tips to correctly debate:
  • Do your best to be on topic. Don't make arguments about something that has nothing to do with what your opponent is debating. Make a new topic if needed.
  • Don't pull a Chewbacca Defense, Strawman, or an Insane Troll Logic.
  • Try not to do 'xxx' weak arguments only (Shotgun Approach). In the end, they are still weak arguments. Try approaching with strong arguments too.
  • Make your point as clear as possible, you want your opponent to debate with your point, and not debate the wrong point because of misunderstanding.
  • Check if your argument contains any Logical Fallacies, reasonable premises, and that your conclusion is connected to those premises. You don't want to Fail Logic Forever, do you?
  • Remember, people can be Right for the Wrong Reasons, be sure to not get confused by this, and debate his facts, if you can. But please, try to avoid making this error.
  • Always respect, by default. It doesn't matter if you're angry/frustrated/mad/x by someone, don't be a jerk.
  • Expect to be turned down if you expect that changing someone's opinion is easy. Most of the times, you won't get someone to change a lot. But that shouldn't stop you from debating.
  • Assuming. It will probably damage your argument if you're wrong, not only that but you will probably look like a jerk. Even if you're right.
  • Be honest. Admit your shortcomings, admit when you're ignorant of things, etc.
  • Prepare your argument(s) with consistency.
  • Last, but totally not least, do not let your emotions take control. Debate the other side logically, don't get blinded in your emotions on the topic. Object it with logic, facts, etc. This could cause fallacies and flaming, which it's no good."

Now learn, practice, and don't be jerks! You now have no excuses.

The more you know...


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A lesson about 'Debating'
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