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 TheSpeedGamers Prince of Persia/Assassins Creed Marathon

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PostSubject: TheSpeedGamers Prince of Persia/Assassins Creed Marathon   Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:39 pm

TheSpeedGamers are going to be playing a lot of Assassins Creed and Prince of Persia games to raise money for The Gulf Restoration Network. It starts 7:00 pm EST tonight (August 20th) and will run for 3 days(72 hours). There will be multiple contests to win various prizes including t-shirts, PS3/Xbox 360 games, and AC/PoP action figures.

If you don't know who TheSpeedGamers are, here's some info on them:
They have been streaming video game marathons for over a year to raise money for various charities. In total they have raised over $200,000 dollars and played 18 marathons. They have raised over $57,000 in their week long Mario Marathon, and have made multiple news appearances.

Check them out here:


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TheSpeedGamers Prince of Persia/Assassins Creed Marathon
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