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PostSubject: JakeH147.   Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:06 am

So, there used to be a YouTube user by the name of JakeH147 and he used to make Pokémon Spoof videos back in late 2007.
By Pokémon Spoof videos, I mean working with MicroSoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker to make long, cheap animations and hit-or-miss jokes.

When I was four years younger than I am right now, I tended to thoroughly enjoy these type of videos (Don't worry, I got over it awhile ago).
In early 2008, he mentioned that episode 15 of his Spoof series was most likely NOT going to be made.
When he at last uploaded it, it was possibly the biggest disappointment of all time.
(Mind you, Jake was very popular at the time, and his series was very anticipated)

What episode 15 was was a crappy, two-minute animation with lame jokes.
He then abruptly killed, literrally killed his series by making a badly-drawn foot drop down out of nowhere and squish the protagonist, thus ending the series without a word.

I was depressed for the whole day after seeing that video.

Months later, Jake had his account removed due to inactivity. He no longer had the motivation to continue his series.

Years later (Hint: Right now), I decided to re-watch the entire series.
Unfortunately, the series is no longer on YouTube.
But, helpfully, Jake put all of his videos on Veoh, where you can watch episodes 1-12.

While the humor in this series is no longer funny and is very outdated, it is still fun to watch the series just because of how stupid the jokes are.
You should watch them.

Warning: Jake borrows a LOT of jokes from LittleKuriboh and breaks the fourth wall excessively.
If you're not into that type of humor, don't watch.

It's campy, at best.

So yeah, click here to watch all the episodes. Be sure to watch them in order, of course.

I'm posting this here because this reminds me of a younger, innocent time.
It reminds me of me, Supa, jeff, Max, and maybe Dark all fooling around and making a Pokémon parody series together.
It's quite sentimental, really.
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PostSubject: Re: JakeH147.   Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:25 am

Jaco wrote:
jokes from LittleKuriboh

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