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 My GB is back!

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PostSubject: My GB is back!   Fri Jun 10, 2011 2:50 am

So in preparation for a road trip I grab my Dsi and/or my GBA and stare at my messy pile of games and ask myself: What am I gonna play? Well two of the games were original GB and the other gba. No DS. Yeah for all the things I dislike my older bro for, they get cancelled out when I play LoZ:Link's Awakening or the Pokemon Trading Card Game... game. For the life of me I can't figure out where he got these since he never owned an original GB. Those two games may be better then every one of my DS games, possibly with the exception to white. Timeless classics, especially on a backlit screen. I bet 15 years from now some games on different systems will gain/lose respect and playability. An example is for as retro and original and whatnot that pokemon R/B/Y are, I played them for a little bit and they lose their touch a bit. Everythings slow, the graphics get a little annoying and strategy is lacking compared to future pokemon games. I'm not saying the game's bad, just saying games like FR/LG are more polished and give me personally more replayability. I don't expect that to be agreed with. But the Trading card GB game, how is this barely mentioned. Unlike R/B/Y the trading card game (Imo again) has gone downhill. I got some new cards and it confused me, weak pokemon had massive HP and only a +10 weakness. In the GB one it's a X2 weakness where elemental strategizing gets you farther then having a bunch of 120HP powerhouse pokemon who do like 80HP and have a +20 weakness. The better ones on the GB had 80-100HP and do 50 after loading them with energy cards. Not to mention all the automatic shuffling comes in handy, there's a lot of shuffling. Also Links Awakening is also (imo) underrated, Miyamoto himself said (something like) it's the most creative he's been with a Zelda game. That shows when you see Goombas and Pirahna Plants in the Sewer, or the Kirby cameo. I also chose Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue cause I almost beat save file. This wasn't to share how I'm spending my 10 hours of travel this weekend but more about how you know when the old is good if you enjoy it for overrall gameplay. Think about 20 years from now, when your children dig up your old collection of games. By then graphics from the 360 will look like peanuts, but the truly great games will still be playable by then. LONG LIVE GAMEBOY, LONG LIVE THE KING (of handhelds).

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My GB is back!
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