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 Lol biased

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PostSubject: Lol biased    Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:13 pm

There's an IGN faq about the upcoming PSVita which is , for the most part, honest and just facts. My first problem was in the What's the coolest game question they say it's impossible to say since they haven't reviewe any games yet (well no duh) so instead they list 4 games. After reading the whole faq i realized this was an attempt to make the launch look more impressive then 3DS's game library as they mentioned Sound Shapes, LBP, Super Stardust Delta and ,of course, the Uncharted: Golden Abyss which is suppose d to emphasive the PSV is a PS3 in your pocket hands. Lets face it, no one's pockets are that big, and it's probably a decent workout toting that beast around. Now so far I've only been nintendo fanboy ranting so here's the full Q/A that really bugs me.

What system is better?
The better System depends on you. If you like 3D, go for 3DS. But if you like powerful, almost PS3 graphics on a handheld, with a big and nice 5 inch OLED screen, and a great launch titles with many more to come, and wonderful online features, all starting at $249.99.

nothing about the PSp interested me except the possibility of using emulators. Why the heck would I want a bigger, more powerful PSP with arguably more gimmicks then the 3DS. Arguably. The whole 5 inch screen point I find dumb 'cause: A) Handhelds are supposed to be small and portable, this thing looks like it could be used for self-defense B) WiiU has a 6 inch screen and I can picture it going just as far as the PSV: my living room couch. Also 3DS's game library will (imo) match the PSV in it's early stages. The head-start was good for something. Also LBP and sound shapes don't look graphically better then what the 3DS DS can do. Ok LBP might be too much for DS, but the downgraded models wouldn't make too much difference. It's not hard to tell which side the (unnamed) writer has on the handhelds race.

All fanboy-nes aside, I'm predicting the winner of this race is overlooked: the iPhone (and phones in general).

Shocked I wrote way more then intended but for PSV details:

oh and dark, if you read this, i don't know why they wouldn't include Street Fighter X Tekken. Maybe because the 3DS already has fighting games and the game wouldn't make the library seem much more impressive to the average reader.
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PostSubject: Re: Lol biased    Tue Jun 28, 2011 11:11 am

There's still supposedly a few months before the release of the PSV. To be fair, it definitely seems to have better launch titles than the 3DS, which really had none.

But to be frank, it's not as if they're pushing it as in "HEY MAN, NINTENDO DON'T GO NO THIRD PARTIES, WE'RE PSV, WE'RE HARDCORE, AND WE DO BRO" because it's already shown that there are third party games to come to the 3DS.

Add that to the fact that the 3D actually works (I don't use it, it hurts my eyes, but it works) and I'd say that so far the 3DS is the better handheld, but this is only judging when the thing isn't out, so you can't be sure, but it's my opinion.
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PostSubject: Re: Lol biased    Fri Jul 01, 2011 7:45 pm

I don't care much for Sony. The PSP was just a rip off idea of the DS, which was obviuous, and it barely had better graphics to boot. I only like two things from Sony. The PS2 and the PSone. The PS2 is still good for games today and is honestly still more popular than the PS2. They look almost identical from what I've seen.
And why not include Street Fighter X Tekken? That shite better make it to the 3DS...
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PostSubject: Re: Lol biased    

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Lol biased
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