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 Hosting a tournament

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PostSubject: Hosting a tournament   Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:34 am

Of course, not always will you be able to play our tournaments, or you just want to run a tournament on your own, to be able to do so and not get your topic locked/deleted, post what your tournament is like here, then wait till we give you permission to do a topic and follow the next steps...
  • Tournaments take some time to set-up, you know. Sometimes it even takes longer than you expected, so first things first... Have patience. You can't just host a tournament without patience or time, you will also need to have things on time. If you can have a friend help you in hosting, the better.

  • Don't ignore or insult back to feedback or suggestions, it might be the only thing your tournament needs for excellence. Try to see what the other poster means and try to shape it in your tournament. Also, you must be able to help others, you have to admit there will be a newb around asking what do you mean in a certain post or asking you what you already answered. Just remember, don't get angry.

  • From basic logic, you should know people like to play good games. Try to host a tournament of a game that atleast some users have. Otherwise you won't get many players or just drive away some.

  • Again, if you would like to host a tournament, post it here first, saying you want to host one and that you will follow these steps to make it. Be sure to name if you are receiving help on making a tournament or not. When you are told by a global mod or admin that you can go ahead and have authorization to make the topic, you can go ahead and make it. Though try not to make it too late but not too early. Try to make it when the tournament is near, and let players join.

Once your tournament gets accepted, we strongly and almost by force recommend that you read the topic about how to settle your tournament and topics.

After 2-5 correctly tournaments are made by a user, that user won't need to post in here for acceptance, we will pm you when you can do that, though, so don't just guess.


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Hosting a tournament
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