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 So Portal Theory

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PostSubject: So Portal Theory   So Portal Theory EmptySat May 25, 2013 10:21 pm

So I just saw the new DYKG of portal released today which linked me to a Game Theory of Mat that revealed the obscure truth about Companion Cubes. I think he forces/stretches his theories a lot but there was this bit that made me connect his idea with something else. Cats. So if you haven't watched the video go watch it now or something because I'm about to spoil his whole video. Now that you've watched it, pretty mindblowing stuff in everything and all, but I think companion cubes don't contain human corpses, as that would be impractical anyway, but dead cats. Yeah you heard that right, I googled it to see if someone else saw this relation and there was someone who did, some of the strongest evidence shown is how on the portal 2 comic, *spoiler alert* Glados tricks a scientist or whatever to get neurotoxin by saying she was going to use it for (basically) Schrodinger's experiment, or well not exactly that but she mentions she needs boxes and cats and anyways she mentions she does the experiment earlier on in the comic. She says she has done the experiment dozens of times and mentions the cats in the box with poison, explaining the theory being that the cat is dead and alive until observed. Now back into the cube, obviously you can relate a cube and a box, and while a box =/= a cube technically, these cubes are pretty much the only ones Glados can control, and in this case, it wouldn't be impractical to have a cat in a box as it would a human (the actual theory), because not only what's the point of getting a human inside a box when you have an incinerator, why would you keep the human inside? But you have both of those for cats, seeing as if you open the box or incinerate, the principle of being both alive and dead would pretty much be broken in a way. Pure speculation but to speculate some more, the fact the Glados opens up the possiblity of Companion Cubes talking was also an evidence to support the original theory, and it may as well be used for this as well, and as Glados isn't 100% sure every cat died, as the possibilities of being dead are high anyway (even though it's considered both), this raises the possibility of the theory as she mentions to just ignore it if it does, and it's nonsensical anyway (I don't remember if she actually mentions nonsensical or something similar from all the videos I just watched). A few more evidences is Rat's drawing of a companion cube with cat ears (on a game?), the companion cube's singing sounding a bit like a meowing (I do hear the meows but it could be anything really), companion cubes could have been made by glados as they didn't exist before the point she mentions this or the point where the morality core is installed, and to the other poster in steam apparently of this theory says that Glados thought humans would love cats in any form, as she would know everything baout human behavior and emotional bonds.

One evidence that got me in the Game Theory video was the part of the game where companion cubes were pasted above pictures of workers or something, it pretty much doesn't sum up in this theory, but it could relate on how they killed them all showing as if Glados created them at the same time and the cats are inside, they are the reason they died, but that's kind of stretching that, sparking another theory that might just be the reason Glados mentions this on the comic is about analogies and relating the box with chambers or the Aperture (Science) Laboratories (or even the companion cube) and the cats with the workers or testers, she mentioned she'd have the box and the cats and she just needed the neurotoxin, you know, right before she killed them all (except one) and then mentioned she did the experiment a dozens of times, but you know I'm not going to go deep on this one and all, and they contradict each other.

SO WHAT DO YOU THINK GAIZ?! DID YOU GET YOUR MINDBLOWNZ? (You can talk about the DYKG video, the Game Theory video, or this post or the other post on steam by googling portal cat companion cube which is what I did to search for a theory explained like this)

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PostSubject: Re: So Portal Theory   So Portal Theory EmptySun May 26, 2013 1:55 pm

Seems pretty solid. She really wouldn't have much reason to put humans in the cubes, and cats make much more sense. The part where Ratman pastes the pictures of the cubes over the people's heads still is weird for me. But yeah, it'd make more sense for cats to be in the cubes than humans.

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So Portal Theory
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