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 My Dream

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PostSubject: My Dream   Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:53 pm

So.. I had a weird dream last night. And I typed it up after I woke up so I wouldn't forget. It might be kind of hard to follow because I was typing this straight from my mind at 5:00 am. Anyway, here goes:

So, from what I remember, we were in some parking lot. I can’t remember what place we just walked out of, but we walked to the parking lot. There was some guy in the background.. I don’t remember exactly what he was doing, playing wall-ball or standing there shadily, I don’t remember. ANYWAY, my family and I all got into “our” car – it was this big van, but whatever. I’m not sure exactly who was in my “family”, but my brother and my dad were definitely part of it. So anyway, apparently, we were on some kind of road trip.

Stuff happened. No idea what. After leaving some other place, my dad asked me to drive for a little bit and meet him afterwards. As I drove away, my dad yelled something I couldn’t hear. Was that important? Who knows.

So it was just me and my brother in the car (but my brother was still sitting in the back). After driving a while, I saw a sign that said there are only two more actions I could take. (A weird way to word a sign..) I missed exactly what those two actions were; I drove past it too fast. Then I saw it. Turn right or go straight. I asked my brother what I should do, but he just ignored me. I was suddenly in a motorcycle, rather than the van, so no more brother at this point. I thought about turning right, but if I was supposed to meet my dad, I guess he wanted me to go straight. So I went straight. I then had second thoughts.. Lucky for me, a U-turn, right there! I moved to the left to take it. But so many cars were driving by, I couldn’t find an opening. Then suddenly, my dad walked up to me and told me he parked up ahead. He told me to go park there too. So I moved back over to the right lane and kept going straight.

And I was suddenly in a bar. With the motorcycle (I wasn’t riding it, I was walking it). As I walked in, I saw one or two big guys and a biker chick. The bar tender looked like a biker chick too. What state was I in again? Anyway, as I turned the corner, I saw the guy who played Ryan from The Office!

He was sitting at a table, writing something in a notepad. I walked up to him (after leaving the motorcycle there) and said, “Hey, aren’t you Ryan from The Office?”. He replied with “Yea, I am”, while laughing kindly. I didn’t want to miss my opportunity and asked, “Could I have your autograph?” I can’t remember the exact way he replied, but he said yes, but he obviously didn’t want to. I then realized I didn’t have any paper, so I kind of just stood there awkwardly. He flipped the pages of the notepad he was writing in and said “I’m all out of paper”. I walked over to the table next to us, and saw a bunch of notepads there, but as I flipped through them, they were all full! Ryan, getting annoyed, asked “Did you want that autograph or not?”. I then saw one blank page in the back of a notepad, ripped it out, and handed it to “Ryan”. He took it and started writing on it, when I noticed that it wasn’t a blank sheet at all! He didn’t seem to care. On that sheet of paper, he saw the name: [I don't want to reveal my name, so lets just say it said "Jeffer"]. My name! (Kind of creepy that that was there in a random bar..) He somehow knew it was my name and pointed it out, saying something about foreign and how they make him want to illegally take them out of the country.. or something like that. And I was like: “Haha, I don’t think you would be allowed to do that”. After thinking about what I just said, I followed up with: “That’s probably why you said illegal..”. Could this get anymore awkward? I tried to fix this by saying: “Yea.. that name is actually Egyptian”, but that didn’t help much. “Ryan” then made some joke about hobos and happy hour, which I didn’t get, but I laughed anyway.

Immediately after that, my alarm went off, and I thankfully woke up from the awkwardness.


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PostSubject: Re: My Dream   Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:13 pm

lol when you had this dream I was still up
(I would've said how this dream is like one of mine but I never remember any weird dreams)
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PostSubject: Re: My Dream   Wed Apr 27, 2011 12:45 am

Lol. I've never watched the office.
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PostSubject: Re: My Dream   Wed Apr 27, 2011 5:11 am

They say if you dream of someone, there's a probability that they are dreaming of you too.

So yeah, there's a possibility he dreamt of you jeff!

Actually that's pretty impossible, seeing as you can only dream of people you have seen atleast once in your life, even if you don't remember...

Unless he saw a marathon or a video in youtube...

Hey, Ryan watches the marathon!


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PostSubject: Re: My Dream   

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My Dream
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